Finished Quilting Urban Chained and YES on SID!

Just finished quilting Urban Chained.  This is Connie's quilt and she's heading out of town soon, so I'm glad I was able to get it done for her!

This is the 3rd Urban Chained quilt I've quilted but the first I've done custom on and I like how it turned out!

 I behaved and used "1" layer of Hobbs batting!  It was tough to make that decision though....since I'm addicted to using 2 layers of batting.

I did end up going back to SID, thanks to your advice...and I do love how it really finished it off and made the curves stand out even more.  I usually always SID on custom quilts and am not sure why I thought I may not on this one????

Before SID:

After SID:


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