This quilt may look simple in design and construction but spending close to 50 hrs on it doesn't make it simple in my opinion at all!

Let's go back a few years.  I fell in love with a fat quarter bundle at my local quilt shop, all in plaids and strips.  I then came across the perfect pattern for the fabric.  The pattern is called Spinning Wheels.  The pattern gave you the option to piece your curves or applique them.

 The thought of piecing the curves terrified me so I took the easier route and thought I would applique them!  Funny huh!

 Yes, each triangle was prepared with the "freezer paper/spray starch" method...each and every triangle!

Even though this was a few years ago...I vividly remember hours and hours spent with the iron, freezer paper and spray starch!

I then took the blocks with me everywhere, especially to a lot of basketball practices where I hand stitched over and over, triangle after triangle. like many of my quilting projects before the Quick Curve Ruler came along....this one got put away and was still loved but forgotten about.  

...but then I got the light bulb moment this year to give Christmas gifts of quilts I all ready had or needed to finish and thought this would be a perfect one for my Mother-n-law!  It's so her and very much her style!

I pulled out the blocks and had 5 more to applique.  It did feel really weird to work on them again...but felt so good to finally know that this quilt project was going to come to an end.  I knew I didn't want to custom quilt it because of the business of the fabrics, but thought my new favorite "grid" quilting would work well and I think it did just that!

I buckled and used 2 layers of warm and white...but of course love it and I finished putting the binding on at the Family party last night.  I happily gave it to my Mother-n-law and am so glad it's finished and will be for show in her beautiful house!

December 30, 2012 by Jenny



Haider said:

Eliese Broome – These are some of the best pictures I have ever seen! I can feel the love, joy, and cosoamsipn through each one. I am in awe! Congratulations to to Brian and Sara! They are both absolutely wonderful people and parents with the most beautiful children I have ever seen! xoxox


Navya said:

Wow and wow again for a first quilt! If you decide the puprle and yellow is too bright for the rest of the quilt, by all means start a “spare parts” container and make that your first piece. Eventually you’ll find places for those extras.

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