I've been working on Christmas gifts.  I originally wanted to make quilts this year but as time kept slipping by I knew it wouldn't be manageable.  

....so as I was longarming one day and my thoughts were going everywhere, I had a light bulb moment!  Why not give quilts I all ready have!  I was completely ecstatic about this and knew I could manage it.  

A couple of the quilts needed and need to be finished up but they were and are close to being done.

My friend found this antique quilt at a real estate sale and gave it to me knowing I would know what to do with it.  It really is a treasure!  All hand quilted with looks like feed sack material.  The border was tattered and there wasn't any binding on it.  I cut the border off and added the binding yesterday.

I then washed it, it looked like it had never been washed and it washed up beautifully!

I find it so neat that even though this is a traditional antique quilt it has a modern look to it because of the solid blue and white fabric!  Even the prints have a modern feel to it.

Unfortunately there was no information on the back of the quilt as to who pieced and quilted it, but WOW...the talent!  Look at the beautiful hand quilted stitches and all those Y-seams!  WOW!!

I was able to match the blue perfectly for the binding.  I love antique quilts and wouldn't give this to anyone other than someone very special in my life, I hope she likes it! 

This is one of 5 quilts gifted out and I hope their new homes enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed them.

December 19, 2012 by Jenny

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