"Metro Waves"

Let me introduce you to "Metro Waves".  Our first official Metro Series Quilt!

 This quilt was done up this last summer for Quilters Companion ~ Modern Edition Magazine an Australian Magazine.

This design, though not very original has been one I've wanted to do since coming up with the QCR.  It's a very simple and fun design to do up!  The pattern is available in the Magazine and I will also have one available in a few months.

I shared some close-ups of my quilting this last summer.

I believe the Magazine comes out in just a few days.  I know it is on it's way to me....but I haven't received it yet and I'm getting very anxious!

There will also be a spread about me as a designer in the magazine also!

When I was approached about having a quilt in their magazine,  I was completely surprised and excited.  One of my first Wholesale Orders was to a shop in Australia and since launching the QCR I have had such great support from Quilters in Australia.

I'll post more about the quilt and the Magazine Article when I have them both in my possession...but for now, I just wanted to share this exciting news, it's a first for me!


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I’m making Metro Waves and need the tutorial for squaring up blocks. Please help.

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