Return a favor!

When I was visiting my brother and his family this summer, my sister-n-law showed me the fun zig zag quilt she was working on.  She still needed to add some borders and then wanted me to quilt it....well this is when I thought it was the perfect time to "return a favor".  

I'm the youngest of 6 kids and feel like I've been taken care of my whole life by my older siblings and it still hasn't stopped.  My brother's profession has got me out of a bind many...many when my sister-n-law showed me the zig zag quilt she had been working on I knew my profession would come in handy in helping them out!

Yesterday I squared up the center zig zag piecing...added the two borders....pieced together the I'm quilting one of my favorite panot's on it.

The panto is called Bombay Blossom.  I don't do it often, because it is on the smaller scale and is a bit more time consuming than others.  I love it though and didn't think twice about using it for this quilt that's going to be for my nieces bed.

It feels so good to "return a favor" sometimes!

Thanks Lowell, for everything!


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