Urban Winter ~ Swirls!

I'm seeing swirls!

 ....actually, I feel like I'm flying in an airplane and starring out the window when looking at this picture.

When doing up this quilt, I wanted to bring out the fantastic design it makes but I feel I lost it with the fabrics and colors I used.  I really wasn't going for the circular design created but with my swirls that's exactly what happened.  Funny how that happened!

I used double batting, warm and white with Tuscany Hobbs Wool on the top.  Many have asked me why I use double batting....and this is why:  I'VE COME TO THE REALIZATION I HAVE AN ADDICTION TO IT.  Seriously, it's not a fun addiction to have.  It makes your quilts more expensive to bat and also makes them heavier (found that out when I had to spend extra money in luggage because they were over the weight limit)!!  I told myself I wasn't going to do it anymore...but so far I haven't been able to!!  So there you have it, you know one of my addictions.

I thought it would be fun to use an orange with red polka dot fabric for the binding.  I love the flare it gave this quilt!

This quilt is called Urban Winter and a pattern will be available soon.


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Rebecca Ewing Peterson

Rebecca Ewing Peterson

What a deja vu this gives me! This is exactly what the plasterer did to the ceilings in the house I grew up in in Dallas. Thank you for the nostalgia! Are your swirls free motion or computer assisted?

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