Channel Lock Easy Crosshatch

 I've been wanting to try crosshatch quilting on my longarm using the channel lock for quite sometime and thought my Urban Tiles quilt would be a perfect guinea pig. 

My machine will only channel lock horizontal.  For those of you that don't know what channel lock is, it's a button you push which doesn't allow the machine to move from one side to the my machine will only move from left to right in a straight line.

I loaded my quilt and using my channel lock did horizontal lines across and down my whole quilt, about an inch apart.  I just eyeballed the inch measuring.  Once I was done with all my horizontal lines, I removed the quilt, squared up the other two sides, turned and loaded it the other direction.  It's VERY IMPORTANT I square up the other sides before loading it on the 2nd time (I learned the hard way).

I made sure I was nice and straight and squared up before starting my horizontal lines again.  Then using my channel lock, I quilted across and down the quilt and!!  Easy Crosshatch!

I'm just putting on my binding but love how it turned out!  Better than I had hoped and long as everything is squared up...very important!

I've got a photo shoot for my quilts in a couple of days and can finally but sadly be finished with my Urban Series!  I'm loading Urban Winter today, to finish that one up along with Urban Tiles.

It's been quite the "Urban" year!


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