Quilt Market ~ Part 3

I've always found it interesting that we as quilters can make such good friends with others through online resources, but when the opportunity comes to actually meet them face to face....well it's just awesome!   Here are a few of those friends that I met.  (and I really can't believe that I'm showing my belly in a whole lot of pictures)

Teresa @ Quilting is my Bliss and I have met through blogging and she's becoming quite the longarm quilter in just a short time!  She's such a cute little petite quilter!  Loved meeting you Teresa!

  Carol owns a quilt shop in Minnesota called Fourth and Main Fabrics.  She confessed that she could demo the ruler better than us and I believed her!  She demoed the ruler at their local quilt show and sold out of rulers, I had to overnight more to her and not just a few....lots!  We were laughing about that.  Her daughter Julie was with her and it was great meeting the both of them!

This sweet lady is Kelly.  She was one of my first customers that purchased my ruler and patterns for her shop, The Quilting Bee in Ontario.  We enjoyed dinner together and getting to know each other more.  She's quite the risk taker....she rides a motorcycle to work...okay actually a scooter, but a really cool one!  Looking forward to our next dinner Kelly!

The next pictures show the "fan" in me.  I always feel like such a dork wanting to have a pictures with someone I admire or are a fan of but they have been so inspiring in so many ways...whether it's the delicious fabric they design for me to get my inspiration...or how they are so motivational and encouraging for others to follow their dreams...or how talented they are in design....color....and so on and so on!

This is my 2nd time meeting Amy Butler and I was just as tickled this time as I was the first time I met her.  She is so inspiring and sooo nice!

 Here I am with David Butler, or otherwise known as "Mr Amy", that came out of his mouth not mine.  His booth was right next to Amy's and the booths couldn't be any more different from each other.  I told them I was going to design a quilt using both their fabrics....we'll see if I can pull it off.  ;o)

 Here is Tula Pink and I.  This was the first time meeting her and she was absolutely genuine, sweet and fun to talk too!  Her booth was darling and the quilts were displayed beautifully!  One of my favorite moments at Market!

I fault my sister for this picture of me with Joel Dewberry and my droopy eyes.  I actually was really excited to meet him!  I LOVE HIS FABRIC!!  I think he is crazy talented and well....it was just the "fan" in me that wanted a picture taken with him!

Here is Anna Maria Horner and I standing in her booth.  I of course had to show part of my sampler quilt to her, using fabric she designed.  This was my 2nd time meeting her and she is so sweet.   I'm a big fan of her fabric and the inspiration it has given me for some of my designs!  Another great moment at Market!

 This is Jeni Baker, she is absolutely the sweetest girl you will meet!  She's got a really fun new fabric line that just came out and really has a talent with color and how to use color! 

This is Allison @ Cluck Cluck Sew
   Loved her booth with her awesome quilts hanging up and loved meeting her and her husband! 

Thanks for following my Quilt Market experience! 


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Thanks again. I hope she enjoys the quilt. ’tis the gift to come down where you ought to be,And when we find ouerslves in the place just right,It will be in the valley of love and delight(Just so you know: it is actually a Shaker tune, they were an offshoot of the Quakers – thank you Comparative Religions class for finally coming in handy!) I happen to like Shaker tunes. So thanks for putting a nice cheery tune in my head for the day.

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