Quilt Market ~ Part 2 (Inspiration)

Many of you know that I've been wanting to have a booth at Quilt Market for quite a while now and after doing my research on cost and set up and time away from home, I haven't felt it's been the right time to have one yet.

So keeping this goal in mind, we did a lot of looking...thinking...looking at other booths.  Getting ideas and being inspired for our booth someday!

The first inspiration came the first day we got there and peered down through the windows at the massive display of booths!

 This is only a small part of it. 

Here are some booths that caught my attention:

Helen matched this booth perfectly!

These were just a few of many that were very fantastic!

Did we come away with an idea for our future booth?  We did and it was good...but still very overwhelming!


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