I will say this....I'm having so much fun on this quilt.

This quilt is really pushing my creativity to come up with a different quilting design for each ornament. 

I'm running out of idea's though with 8 more ornaments to go.

 I  pulled out my Christmas fabric today for some inspiration.
It did help for a few ornaments.

I love the little Christmas Tree!

The red ornament on the bottom left was made as I went and it's one of my favorites!  Love when that happens.

I'm getting so close to finishing and thanks to all your encouraging comments on this quilt!  All your comments really push me to keep plugging away and make this "crazy" quilting all worth it!!  

I just love you all!!!!!!


October 04, 2012 by Jenny



Ilanna said:

i have the same reaction as you do about the whole turnnig twenty thing. i think for my husband and me it’s that we’ve been parents (almost) for twenty years (our girl turns twenty in december). did you ever think when you were little you’d grow up and be a parent of a 20-year-old? geeze, that was OUR parents’ job, not ours! i had the same reaction when she turned 13 i sobbed like a baby that day. certain birthdays for me are harder to wrap my head around than the normal big birthdays. oh, but it’s good to have them home and spoil them like they deserve. hope you have a wonderful summer break together. btw, what is your daughter studying? mine is studying international relations, with an emphasis on middle eastern studies. she just finished her first year of arabic, and loved every second of it! : )


Thu said:

Joanne, I worked on my quilt for 3 days at a reertat this weekend. I added 2 more rows, made blocks 11 – 14 with several extras, made 11 more alternating blocks, had 4 left over so I added them to the corners of the 4 patch border. When I add the final border it will finish about 90" square. This has been so much fun and several people who have seen my quilt say they are starting to save their money to bid on it at the quilt auction!


Samson said:

I think changing the pitsoions of the greens and neutrals made a big difference in your hexie project. I like it a lot. Good luck with the ‘shade’ garden. We’re heading for 111 this weekend and I would kill for some shade….some COOL shade. Keep smiling.

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