The last thing I did last night before going to sleep, was stitching on the binding to my "Urban Holiday" quilt.

I'm so happy with how this quilt turned out and LOVE how the red and white striped binding finished it off!

I think each ornament takes on a look of it's own.

28 Ornaments and 28 different designs.  Towards the end of it all I think I was going "crazy", did you happen to spot the GRINCH!!  That was for the kids. ;o)

Love how the back looks!

You can really see the string of beads.

A pattern will be available in a couple of weeks for those of you wanting to make "Urban Holiday" this year!

Many questions were asked about my quilting process and so I took a picture of everything I used.

 I also took some great ideas for the bow...the bell...and the stocking.   Thanks so much for that!  The bow ornament is my favorite one!

Thanks so much for following my progress on this quilt, I've loved sharing my progress on it and am so happy to have it done!

 Do you have a favorite ornament?


October 06, 2012 by Jenny

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