Lisa's Chevron Quilt

First off I wanted to say thanks sooo much for all the input on my last post regarding my Urban Nine Patch dilemma!  Now I know I'm really confused! ;o)  I got great advice (spelled right this time) though and am leaning towards doing up two patterns. 

Again thanks so much for the advice, I wish I could thank each of you individually right now but my computer decided to freeze up on me today and I'm currently at my husbands work using his computer.  ;o(

On a better note,  I finished up this fun little Chevron Quilt for Lisa this morning! 

Love how this turned out!  Lot's of ruler work, but being small it didn't take to long, a couple of hours.  I used double warm and white batting, off white thread for the white area's and I matched the thread for the colored areas.



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