I'm finishing up quilting the last few quilts that will end my Urban Series.  I'm a little sad about saying goodbye to "Urban" but excited to say hello to "Metro"!  I can't wait.  But before I begin my Metro Series I have to get a few more Urban Pattern's released.  One being the Urban Nine Patch.  Now this is where I need some advise.

I've done up two quilts, using the Urban Nine Patch block.  This is the first quilt.

I really love the layout of this quilt but it was never my plan to do up a pattern with this layout.

My plan was to do up a pattern with this quilt and layout.

I love this quilt too.  These blocks are just side by side, not on point.  This quilt is bigger and even though it uses the same block as the first quilt, they both look so different.

I still intend to do a pattern for the 2nd quilt but am still not sure about the first one.

The one pattern will give you the basic instruction for the Urban Nine Patch.... I could always include layout design for both in one pattern.  Problem with that is each quilt has completely different fabric requirements and so on.....

....so do you see my dilemma.

Should I do up 2 separate patterns?  Should I do up just the one pattern and stick with my original plan?  

I don't know????

Some advise please  ;o)


September 25, 2012 by Jenny



Noe said:

Hi Dorothy,I have used a lot of Superior thread but not their 12wt vaiergated so I can’t give you a direct comparison but their thread is not hand-dyed which, in my opinion, gives a more natural gradient of color. For instance, their yellow gradually turns into orange and gradually into red rather than having one inch of yellow, followed by an inch of orange, and then a inch of red. I also like the luster of the hand-dyed thread as well as the fact that it is colorfast.


Liza said:

the WordPress Thread Comment plugin, which ndeeed a bit of tweaking to work with my theme. If you get it installed and can’t get the reply button to work, let me know, and I’ll walk you through what i had to add to my stylesheet.


Coco said:

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