Starving for some creative time!

Summer is finally coming to an end.  School starts Wednesday!!  All 5 kids will be in school this year, until the first of February, when the baby comes.

I've been starving for some creative time and it's just eating at me right now.  It's been way to long since I've been able to have some time of my own to create, quilt and play with new designs.

There are a few things that are first on my list to do after school starts.

I can't wait to quilt up these quilt tops I've had done for quite some time now, most of them are upcoming patterns.

 ...and there are the last of the customer quilts that are part of my 31 Day Challenge.  I really can't believe I only have a few left to do up.  I haven't had this few of quilts for about 5 yrs!

....and I'm just loving this black and white fabric.  I love it so much, I'm dreaming up designs for it in my head.  I love how inspiration can come from fabric.  My challenge for this fabric will be coming up with a design that works with big print fabric.  I also want to pair it with one of other solid color.  

....this is my favorite part of quilting.  Taking something and challenging myself to come up with a design that in the end I fall in love with!

Now to be a bit more patient and finish up last minute school stuff for the kids and then I can satisfy my hunger for some creative fun!!


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