I had to say goodbye to 6 of my quilts this morning.  They are on their way down to Tacoma and will be spread throughout Quality Sew and Vac stores for classes that will be taught on my patterns. 

Urban Chained will keep Urban Pods seat warm while he is gone.

I am of course thrilled that my quilts will be on show and classes will be taught on my patterns, but am still really sad to let them go.  Really sad.  I was thinking this morning why I feel this way.  When I started my longarm quilting business over 5 years ago, I 100% immersed myself into the business and didn't piece or quilt anything for myself for a long time.  After a while, this really started to get me down, until I picked it up again and the quilts I've sent off this morning are a reflection of me finding myself again in a quilting sense and that's why it's so hard to let them go.  They mean so much more to me than just another quilt.  I'll be fine and I'm sure they will be too.


Yesterday I was giddy all day long because I got my first distributor order and guess where from?


How awesome is that!


How do you make a white quilt with blue stars feminine?

You quilt beautiful feathers all over it!

I finally started Fran's quilt, one of the nicest ladies ever!  She always gives me a hug before she leaves my house and if she ever knew how much I look forward to those hugs!

These feathers aren't my fast feather and the rest of my morning and afternoon will be feather filled!


August 17, 2012 by Jenny

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