The last couple of days has been special for my two daughters.  They've been begging for bunk beds for a very long time and my husband got a bug in him to do just that and make them some bunk beds!

Yesterday was a beautiful day and perfect day to paint them white.  They even had time to dry.  We assembled them last night and the girls even got to sleep in them.   

My husband made these from scratch and the girls love them!

I made these quilts about 7 yrs ago when the girls slept in bunk beds, before their brothers took them over.  I made these before owning my longarm and pieced and quilted big strips while assembling them together.  I was a little obsessed with kaleidoscope quilts at the time I made these.  It was fun to get them back out and they work perfect on their new beds!

I've finally loaded a customer quilt and will quilt it up tomorrow and of course show some pictures when I'm done.

August 15, 2012 by Jenny



Jeanne said:

Congrats on graduating coelgle!I agree with everyone else, be careful painting rental properties. Your landlord/complex might not even allow it, you need to check with them first to see what their policy is. They will see you’ve painted when they come in to fix things, so its best to check first before you make any changes like that.I also suggest the painting a board and hanging that up instead. That way you can take it with you. Also, if its allowed, you normally have to paint it back to what the original color was. How hard is it to paint over chalkboard paint?Another idea is to use fabric wall hangings instead of painting the walls. Grab a lot of inexpensive art and use that. Upgrade from coelgle posters with art you’ve made or found inexpensively.Thrift stores are a great place for furniture. I also suggest garage sales and flea markets for any furniture with a hard surface, I would be weary of any fabric furniture that is used. And for sure don’t buy mattresses used!!!Can’t wait to see your decorated apartment, it looks fantastic!!


Kelvin said:

Trent you wanna talk about being a wonderful wretir. This is it. Just incredibly evocative of the feelings of fatherhood. I’m commenting here also about your question about the Weed Therapy excerpt I posted on my blog today the story is semi-autobiographical. It’s about a man who is unhappy with his marriage, his family, his life. He runs away for a few days to a little village in Mexico and spends those few days with an old priest who offers a few life lessons along the way. The flashbacks and many of the feelings expressed by the old character are about 99% true based on my own feelings and experiences within my family life. Sadly, I have yet to find a way to run away to the little Mexican village.Thanks for your favorable comments about the tease that I posted.

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