I'm back from my little trip and had a great time presenting my ruler and showing my quilts. 

My Sister-n-law and niece went with me and my niece took the pictures.  

I think I may have been a little too much for some of these quilters.  I'm really quite a dork when speaking.  I just try to keep it fun and one lady came up to me afterward and said I was a breath of fresh air.....her comment made it all worth it!!  I just want to keep it real.  

I loved hanging out with my sister-n-law and niece and of course picked up some beautiful fabrics at the Craft Warehouse.

Now for Winner #2.  Ramona was the first winner and she all ready had the ruler, so I picking a winner #2!

Congratulations Grey Cat!!
Grey Cat said...

I've just become a follower on Helen's blog. Looking forward to seeing more of her work!


August 03, 2012 by Jenny

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