I actually thought I would have time to work on patterns this summer and finish my 31 Day Challenge and boy was I wrong!!

Believe it or not today was the first day this whole summer I got to work on a pattern in the making and am finally loading another quilt this evening to continue on with my challenge.

I pieced up two more of these blocks.  I'm not sure the name of them yet?

It felt so weird to do sew today but oh...so good!!

I have 4 blocks done now and 8 more to go.  I'm still deciding on a name for this quilt.  

So often I'm inspired by fabric when it comes to choosing a design and the "Echo" line of fabric was my complete inspiration for these blocks.  I'm so happy with how they are turning out and can't wait to finish them all up. 

While I was in Vancouver last week I fell in love with this black and white print called "marchesa".  I'm brainstorming a two fabric quilt with it and one other solid color.  Maybe the blue, maybe not?

Isn't it amazing!!

August 13, 2012 by Jenny

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