I'm not sure a quilting revelation ever came to me on this quilt and was tired out waiting for one, so I just started quilting it!

I ended up doing different quilting fillers and designs randomly throughout the quilt.  

I made sure not to do to many pebbles, because although I love them, they are a killer on the upper back and neck and a time sucker to quilt up!

I love how this one turned out, I wished I had this quilting revelation from the beginning, I would have used this throughout the whole quilt!

I'm going to finish in the next couple of hours.  Then the binding needs to go on and instructions need to be written up....and then it needs to get shipped out ASAP.

This quilt has really given me an insight and an admiration for all the many, many quilts that are featured in Quilt Magazines.  I'm not sure if this is my thing?  It seems like a lot of pressure and something I don't need added to my life right now.  Again, kudos to all you "Quilt Designer Magazine People"!!  I admire you!!


July 19, 2012 by Jenny

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