Raspberries and Magazines

After getting home from vacation, I was greeted with spots of red throughout my raspberry bushes!

I'll take a raspberry over a strawberry any day, I LOVE RASPBERRIES!!  These were turned into Freezer Jam with the help of my 5 yr. old who got to smash them all up.  He thought that was so much fun.

...and I've actually been very busy quilting.  I just finished a customers quilt that is going to be featured in a magazine and that is why I can't show it to you.  It REALLY turned out great and I'm really happy with it!

Boxed up and ready to be shipped!

...and I've just loaded this quilt, believe it or not, this is one of my own and this too is going in a magazine. 

Problem is, I put a lot of pressure on my self, with this one and the one before as to how to quilt them up.   Is it the fact that it's going to be in a magazine??  I guess not,  I think I do this every time I do custom on any quilt, magazine or not.   I end up starring at it...and starring...and starring...hoping for some quilting revelation to come to me.  As of yet, no revelation .....

....I'll probably just start quilting it and hoping something comes to me as I go (fingers crossed)!!

Okay...must get at it!


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Well Done Holly…Sounds like a new quilt is just the thing you need if the weather is wet and snowy….Snuggle and enjoy all your hard work…Hugs Kate x



What incredible work! Love the chganes. I see we both love sunshine dried clothes and tea parties.I wish I had thought of the quilt as you go method. This design lends itself perfectly to that method.



Just joined Creativebug; thkans for sharing! I hope you have a WONDERFUL time on your adventures; you have such a grateful spirit, I’m sure you will soak it all in in beautiful ways!

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