Challenge Day 26

It's day 26 of my 31 Day Challenge and I spent the day with the family today.  We went next door to my n-laws for a family dinner and get together.  All of my husbands brothers and sisters were there with the kids.  It has been a quite a while since all of us have been together.

I also wanted to share something else about my challenge tonight.  When I started this challenge, I knew my capabilities and my limits and knew the challenge would be challenging, but knew if I pushed my self I would be able to do it.

....then about a week into the challenge a little something through me for a loop.  Remember when I suddenly stopped drinking caffeine and I had that horrible headache for 3 days.  Well....I found out.....I was PREGNANT!!  Yes, it was a surprise to us, a complete surprise!  Normally in the past I've kept these type of things quiet but I've felt such a support from all of you through my challenge and I've really tried to stay honest through it all and wanted to share this news with you now.  

My youngest will be 6 and this baby will make number six.  I've been feeling fine up till about a week and half ago and it's getting worse not better.  I usually don't get morning sickness I just feel queasy all day. when I first found out, I was still feeling fine and that's how I got through the big bulk of the 30 quilts...but gradually, I have gotten tired and now dealing with the queasy stuff. now you might understand a little better as to why I have felt like I've hit a wall and why I know I won't finish the challenge.

...and there you have it!! ;o)

We are excited and I'm really excited to share this with you all!  I still have a couple of more days left of quilting and plan on doing some easy ones that require overall patterns and now when I walk in my quilt room and see just a few quilts hanging on the quilt rack, I get a big grin on my face and really am proud of what I've done so far! 

23 of 30 Finished


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