It's day 21 of my 31 Day Challenge and I am wiped out...and it's only Tuesday.  I woke up tired and never did get that fire in me today.....I've been dragging all day.

I started and got half way through Marianne's 2nd quilt and I'm serious when I say this, while I was quilting this up I was thinking about those of you following my challenge and it pushed me just enough to get this much done,  thanks to all of you!

I should finish tomorrow, no problem and I'm going to bed earlier tonight, hopefully that will help give me more energy tomorrow.

I'm going to miss a couple of quilting days this week because I'm demoing my ruler at a couple of quilt shops for shop hop this weekend.  It should be fun and good for me too!

22 of 30 Finished

June 19, 2012 by Jenny



Hannah said:

Hi MarcoI really like the decor and the lauoyt of the space,iam actually interested and work in the property development sector. Iam based in Johannesburg and i work for Maboneng Precinct I am sure you have heard about it. Ive have been a major follower of the Man of the Cloth and i was excited when i met you once at the NIke Run Jozi 10k Marathon last year, i like the new decor spread and find it very inspirational interms of bringing forth-a luxurious living lifestyle. I was wondering will it be possible to feature our apartments that we are Selling at the Maboneng precinct to be on your Page as a spread?. Just to show the Capetonians what we have on offer here in the JOhannesburg CBDPlease let me know if you can. Thank you for your time’ Kind Regards Hardy Botha


Ayu said:

This looks great! I am so tempted to join in, but I’m not ctmeleoply sold on it yet. Especially since I was thinking about using my Notting Hill jelly on it, and I would hate to use it and then not like the quilt. I just need to stop overthinking everything and jump in feet first!

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