It's challenge day 20 of my 31 Day Challenge.   Someone asked how I can get so much quilting done and have the kiddo's running around and I was thinking about that today as I was quilting.  I do have A LOT OF INTERRUPTIONS, but I've been able, since starting this challenge to always go back and continue quilting.  It's real easy to get it's the "going back", I think,  is the trick, for me anyway.  I'm also known for being a pretty fast quilter.  ;o)

 I quilted off and on today on Marianne's quilt.

For the last time I went "back" to finishing up this quilt at about 8:30 tonight and finished at about 9:30.

I then loaded Marianne's husband's quilt, ready for tomorrow.

 I must get some sleep now!

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June 18, 2012 by Jenny

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