Challenge Day 19

It's day 19 of my 31 Day Challenge and no quilting for me today, just spending time with the family and of course cooking breakfast and dinner for my husband for Father's Day!

 I wanted to find a picture of Jared playing with the kids, because he really is a big kid himself.  He's the type of dad and uncle you will always find with the kids.  This picture is missing my oldest boy and Toby was terrified of the m&m man.  I love Jared and the husband and dad that he is to our kids!

Happy Father's Day Jared!

I did manage to sneak in some time hand stitching the binding on to this quilt tonight.  It was glued and never stitched down...he...he...

I'm going to try really hard to get 2 quilts done up tomorrow and thanks again for all your encouraging comments, every time I read a new one, I get a big smile on my face!

21 of 30 Finished


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