Challenge Day 15

It's day 15 of my 31 Day Challenge.  After I got home from work this morning I was so exhausted and the thought of going down stairs to start a full day of quilting was more than I could I took a nap!  It felt soooo good!!  I normally don't take naps, but I really needed one today.

I then measured, photographed and re-folded all of Karen's quilts and bagged them up, ready for pick up.  You can view all the photographed quilts on my other blog if you would like.

  I always love the feeling of bagging up a customer quilt when it's ready to go, it's such an awarding and accomplishment feeling.

I loaded this flip-flop quilt and it should go pretty fast.  The flip-flops were raw edged appliqued and so I'm stitching them down but am not sure if I should do something else to secure them or leave them be.  They have a stabilizer on the back of them so they are really stiff.  Any suggestions?  

I'm going to finish this in the morning and hope to get an early start and a good day of quilting in.

Thanks again for all your comments, I look forward to them so much!  They have been such a boost of motivation for me!

18 of 30 Finished


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