Challenge Day 14

It's day 14 of my 31 Day Challenge.  I started my quilting day quilting up this fun Ocean/Mermaid flannel quilt:

I did some fun water/swirly quilting on it....I thought it was very fitting for the quilt.  I then added the binding before taking it off the machine and it felt sooo good taking the last quilt of Karen's quilts off!

Then life outside of quilting happened again!

.....but then

at about 5:30, I started on the bindings and I'm happy to say I FINISHED at 10:30 tonight!  I was "bound and determined" and it feels soooo good, I want to cry right now, seriously!

 My upper neck and back are aching from sitting at the sewing machine for hours, but it's totally worth it!  Complete satisfaction!

Real quick, I want to show some pictures of how I do a quick binding.

 For many bindings I do up for customers, depending on the quilt and what is will be used for, I stitch just right of the ditch.  I take off my 1/4 foot and put on the larger one, and follow the edge of the binding.  I've pressed the binding before sewing it on.

I really like this look.  Heck...there are stitches all over the quilt, having some on the binding sort of ties it all in.  It's really fast and you rarely have to worry about not catching the back.

Here's a picture of the back.  

Here's a corner picture.  And that's how I did most of Karen's binding's, it slick and fast!

Another time saver I do is the tuck/binding for the ends.  Very fast and I think it look great!

Okay.....ready.....drum roll.....

18 of 30 Finished

I just gave myself the chills...I'm such a dork! ;o)

Oh...yes, one more thing, I'll take pictures tomorrow of the quilts in good lighting! 


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