It's day 12 of my 31 Day Challenge and I took the day off for customer quilts.  It felt really good to relax and enjoy the family.  
I did finish Melissa's Quick Curve Ruler bag this evening!

Melissa won this bag for a giveaway I was doing a couple of weeks ago and put in her color request, which I also like! 

 Here's both sides of the bag all quilted up.

Melissa's color request was teal, purple, gray and white.  Hope you like it Melissa and it was a pleasure doing it up for you!  

....also if your wondering why my finished quilts are still at 6 of 30,  it's because I haven't stitched the binding's down for any of Karen's quilts yet but here in the next couple of day's the 6 will go up real fast! ;o)

Thanks again for all your comments, I really pushed to get this bag made today so I didn't work on it tomorrow.  I'm all geared up for another day of longarming!!

6 of 30 Finished

June 10, 2012 by Jenny

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