Challenge Day 13

It's day 13 of my 31 Day Challenge and the day flew by!  I don't know about you, but Monday's always seem like the busiest day of the week....weekend laundry....bills....groceries.  Not that I did all that, but I did go back and forth from quilting to laundry today.  My washer and dryer are like 3 feet away from my longarm, so it's very convenient but at the same time inconvenient!

 This is a very fun and soft flannel quilt.  I did a meander on it and sometimes I just love the simplicity and look of a meander.  I then prepared and added the binding.

 I finally took out the last quilt from it's bag!  I think I've mentioned before how nice Karen is, she puts little notes on all the quilts and at the end of the note she always leaves a nice compliment and it always puts a big smile on my face!

....and here they are, 11 out of the 12 quilted and ready for the bindings to be sewn down.  I'm thinking I should have finished the quilts completely as I went, because I have a feeling It's going to be a long day, after sewing all these bindings down.

The last quilt is a small one and should go fast for me in the morning and then on to the bindings.....and once again I'm pushing Karen's quilts out 1 more day.  I'm crossing my fingers I can finish them all tomorrow!

6 of 30 Finished


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