It's day 10 of my 31 Day Challenge.  I'm happy to say my headache was no more this morning!!  I was sure sluggish though, amazing what a little caffeine does!

I got two more of Karen's quilts done today.  They were bigger than I thought and so it felt like they took longer than her others.

I just adore this fabric and did a freehand daisy~swirl on it.  This quilting takes a bit longer than some of the others I've done....but it was so fitting for the quilt.  After putting the binding on and trimming it off the machine, I loaded another one:

 This was also fun with a lot of fun fabrics.  I did the pantograph "spiral square" on it.  One of my favorite panto's!

...and another binding to go on.  

Another reason why I think these are going slower than I would like is probably the fact that I'm doing the binding also.
Probably ;o)

...okay, looks like Karen's quilts are being pushed to Monday now.  I still have 4 more to quilt up, add bindings and then stitch all of the 12 quilts bindings down....and to think I was going to try to do these in 3 days.... HA!!!  

I am really proud of myself though, I've really tried hard to stay on quilting~task and keep at it.  There are ton's of interruptions around my house, but I've managed to go back and continue quilting from where I left off.  Did someone mention a "MASSAGE", that's sounding really good about now.

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June 08, 2012 by Jenny

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