It's day 9 of my 31 Day Challenge.  Life outside of quilting happened again today and I've been dealing with a headache for the last two days.  I quit drinking caffeine a couple of days ago.   I know this is the right and healthy thing to do and I'm hoping tomorrow my body will have adjusted and my headache will be gone.

Okay....waa...waa...enough of that.

I did manage to get bindings on two quilts and got another one quilted up.

My quilting plan for this quilt was to make a coral looking design??  Not sure if I pulled it off, but I like it anyway. 6 of 12 of Karen's quilts are quilted and one loaded on the machine right now.  I'm adding all the bindings before taking the quilt of the machine.  I will stitch all the bindings down with my sewing machine.  I couldn't imagine doing them by hand!

I'm now pushing Karen's quilts into Saturday and really....really...need to finish them by Sunday!  I've got some pretty big custom jobs coming up that will take some time.

Thanks again for all your comments!  I LOVE THEM!!!

6 of 30 Finished


June 07, 2012 by Jenny

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