It's day 7 of my 31 Day Challenge and I picked up this YUMMY book at work today and it's EXPLODING with inspiration!!  The color schemes used through out is so fresh and fantastic, you could design a quilt around each page of this book!

This has nothing to do with my challenge, just a treat to my self for all my hard work ;o) !!

Today was a weird.... jumbled up day.

Karen is absolutely one of the sweetest ladies I have met, she'll even bring over cookies for the family when she picks her quilts up!  Karen does everything in big chunks!

I currently have about 12 tops of Karen's, all small quilts and about 1/2 of the backs need to be prepared and all the bindings need to be done.

I've dedicated today, tomorrow and Thursday to finish up all her quilts.  I did manage to get one quilted up...but then spent a big part of the day, going through them to check on the backs the bindings and just trying to de-jumble them all to start the assembly line for quilting them all up.

Here is 5 of the 12 pre-bindings I need to prepare.

And my good friend Sharon gave me the idea to sew some of the backs together before loading on the machine.  Great idea!!

11 more quilts in two days!  That does sound far fetched, but I have been known to pull this off....and I just might!

....okay, wish me luck!

6 of 30 Finished 

June 05, 2012 by Jenny

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