Challenge Day 6

It's day 6 of my 31 Day Challenge and I'm tired tonight.  A few of you may know that I work at Lowe's part time Monday-Wednesday.  I'm up at 4:00am and have to be to work by 5:00am then home by 9:30am.  I've worked there for 17 yrs. and have Medical Benefits for the kids and I.  So I'm so grateful to have that job but it does make for a very long day.

...okay now on to quilting, it was another good day!  I wanted to quit half way through the day, but knowing a few of you are cheering me on, gave me enough encouragement to keep going and finish what I wanted to today!!

The first quilt I started was Diane's.'s work in progress.   I tried to stay with the theme of the fabric for the quilting.  There are those cute little ruffle pleats too, those needed one stitch down the center and on each side.

I used one layer of batting this time and stitched in the ditch on the borders.  I wasn't going to but glad I did.  It really gave it a nice finish.  Diane's piecing was spectacular!!

Next was Betty's quilt.  This quilt is a fun little country quilt.

I wanted to show a close up of the quilting here.  I used the print on the fabric for the quilting. 

Most all of the applique was not stitched down and that's when I come in ;o)...instead of outlining the applique, I stitch right on the edges to secure it. I just realized this is a bunny and not a dog?  Do bunny's have curly hair?  Oops!

Now on to the next quilt, the gigantic quilt!!

Just to give you an idea of how big this quilt table is a 14 foot table and there is only about a foot to spare on each side of the quilt.  It's not loaded because the backing isn't big enough.   I absolutely adore the owner of this quilt, she really is one of the nicest ladies, but when it comes to her backing fabric....I'll just say this, I always double check before loading her quilts.

No big deal!  I've got plenty more I can do for tomorrow.   

...and I couldn't help myself, I just had to take a picture of this:

Kinda funky! Oh...the possibilities ;o)

6 of 30 Finished

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I believe round is ununomias! It’s fantastic! I’ve been wanting to make a round quilt to do the playmat turns into a bag to hold toys concept that I saw in a tutorial around Christmas time from Lee of Freshly Pieced. I was trying to add a link, but my phone is being ornery. It’s in her tutorial folder. While the grommet concept probably works better, I love your top too much to put holes in it. I think I’d add a Circular sleeve to the back to guide a fabric drawstring through (close to the binding), so that it can lay flat, but then be used to gather everything on it into a bag for on the go fun! So many projects, so little time!

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