It's day 4 of my 31 Day Challenge.  I didn't start quilting till this afternoon, but once I started I dove right in!  I really wanted to finish Betty's quilt today!

I really didn't know how I was going to quilt this up.  The border was the first thing I started with.  I did a grid and used Betty's piecing for a reference as to where the grid would if you follow the blocks on the border over to the quilt, you can see that it matches the piecing.  This was a good start.

Then I turned the yellow churn dash to a feather ring....very easy....and the feather on the 2nd and 3rd borders was fun too, I used the inner seam as a vine and that was my guide for my feather.

This little quilt did take many hours and I couldn't have finished it today, if it weren't for my husband making dinner tonight.  I love him!

Betty is a phenomenal piecer and this quilt was a perfect square!

....and on to the machine is the next quilt in line!

 I will say this, I'm exhausted tonight!  My feet and hips hurt and I'm so ready to call it a night!  It does feel so good though, to finally get these quilts done and I'll live with hurt feet and hips this month,  so I can complete my challenge! 

I also wanted to say thanks to all your comments on Annette's quilts.  It was such a privilege quilting for her and she is such a remarkable woman with amazing talent! 

4 of 30 Finished 

June 02, 2012 by Jenny

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