Challenge Day 1

Okay...I'll make this quick and I'll try to stay in order on how the day went.  Today was the first day for my Challenge and can I just say, HOLY COW!!  I think I averaged about 15 minute quilting sessions on this quilt today.  I feel like I was being pulled in a 100 different directions today.

I woke up with about 2/3rds left to do on Annette's quilt.  I LOVE this ruler from Gadget Girls!  Used it for stitching in the ditch and for the straight lines on the border.

LOVE these acrylic circles.  I only have a few sizes, but enough to give me options for quilting.  This picture shows you how I made the vines for the feathers in the big green border.

One of  many interruptions (good interruption), was taking some time to wrap some rulers and head to the post office by 5:30.  Barely fit that in!!  Feeww!!

Finally, prepared the binding and starting putting it on the quilt this evening.

...and then my favorite part, cutting the quilt off the machine and laying it out on the floor to admire ;o)...!!  I'll take more pictures after I sew the binding down.

I rarely paint my toe nails and in fact, while I was pinning on the backing for the next quilt I was shocked to see them painted when I looked down!  Really?  Kathy, you inspired me!! 

When I'm in a quilting funk...I always...always load the next quilt on the machine before I go to bed.  That way I can wake up early and start on it!  This is one of two that need to be done by 3pm tomorrow afternoon, including binding!!

Oh Ya!!  

...and I loved reading all your encouraging comments yesterday!!  You have no idea how much that motivated me to try my best today and to keep plugging away!!  A big thank you to you all!!  I won't be replying to many of the comments in this next month...I need to stay focused and not get lost in computer land.  But I still LOVE your comments!!

You understand, right?
Day 1 was a good one and I feel I've accomplished what I wanted to today.


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