Okay...hopefully I can put my thoughts in words today without coming across negative or stressed or overwhelmed.  I just simply need to motivate myself and give myself a big kick in the you know what!!

So...this, is what my quilt room looks like right now!

I am a longarm quilter and started quilting professionally about 5 years ago.  When I started, it was my everything!  I slept it, I dreamed it, I lived it and I loved it!  I loved the challenge part of it!   I've met some absolutely amazing quilters along the way and have learned so much from them and have learned so much about quilting in general.  

Then....I sort of ventured off from longarm quilting as being my passion and started designing my own quilt patterns.  Now I will admit that this has become my everything!  I sleep it, I dream it, I live it and I love it!  

Problem is, I've come to find out that it's very...very...difficult to do both and of course, I can't leave out my biggest passion of all, my family.  So, with everything that has happened this last year, I've come to the realization that I need to slow down, focus, eliminate and prioritize.  

....so, what am I getting at??  I currently have customer quilts, on the floor, on the desk, hanging up....and it's not because I have calls pouring in of quilters wanting me to quilt their quilts, it's because I've been averaging, quilting up about 1 quilt a week for the last who knows how long and that is why I have so many quilts right now.  About 23ish.

  I've got so many quilt designs and blog post idea's, I so badly want to do and share with you, but I can't and I won't, until ALL of my customer quilts are finished.  

Today is May 28th and in exactly 1 month I'm challenging myself to quilt ALL of my customer quilts,  I will share my progress daily.  If you don't know the life of a longarm quilter right before Christmas time...well you'll soon get an insight of what it's like for us.  This month, will be very similar.  

I will not be posting anything about piecing, designing, fabric love, fabric color obsessions or anything of the sort....but I will be posting pictures of my progress on my customer quilts.  

Please don't take this post the wrong way, I really do look forward to quilting all these quilts up and some are custom and I always love the challenge!  This is simply motivation!  I hope it's enough to help me focus and get some much need quilting done for some very patient quilters!!

This is Annette's quilt and it's slowly coming along.  I need to do the binding for her and then I can take them both over to her.  This is 1 of 2 hexi quilts she did up, that I'm quilting for her.

If you've had the patience to read all of this, thanks!!  

Prepare yourselves for a massive overload of longarm quilting in the next 31 days!!  

It's going to be fun!!

Then, after all my hard work, I look forward to sharing with you some fun things I have planned with the Quick Curve Ruler!!


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