SMS Giveaway ~ Winner's!!

I really enjoyed reading every one's comments for the giveaway.  I asked the question "if you have ever sewed curves before", and many...many have not and are intimidated by them.  This was great to know and gave me some ideas for future posts...(taking the fear out of curves).  Of course using the Quick Curve Ruler ;o)

Now for the winners!  I've picked not just one lucky person, but two!!

First pick:

Number 289 was:
  • kbzelaznysaid...I've never sewed curves before, but I would love to try! Thanks!  

  • Number 397 was:

    Eileensaid...have sewn lots of circles and all cut with a pattern, not ruler, so would love trying your ruler! thanks for the opportunity and have a great day. 
    Congrats to both of you!
    Making, unfortunately slow progress on Hexi #2 quilt.  But, sometimes family comes first.  We are playing outside today!

     Have a great weekend!


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