The girls and I got back last night and had such a good time!  I soaked up every moment I had with my family!  On the way down we had a blow out near Yakima, going about 75 mph.  That was really scary, but thank goodness I got the car under control and a very nice guy took our FLAT spare in to town, came back, changed our tire and let us follow him into town.  After we bought a new tire we decided to sleep in Boise overnight and finish the trip the next day.  We were very lucky that nothing worse happened.  

The car was my father-n-laws and I was driving it down to my brother-n-law.  The girls and I flew back last night, so the trip back was great!

Of course I picked up some fabric at one of my favorite shops.

I love black and white prints and of course gray and white!

I fell in love with this "Secret Garden" print and thought it would look perfect on the back of my "orange/white half square triangle quilt"!

 The wedding day was so much fun!  Bryan and Kimbra were beautiful and had a great sense of humor....when it came to their wedding cake slowly falling over and the wedding caterer changing their hot tomato basil soup to a cold split pea mint soup!  

Kimbra and Bryan had a photo booth at their reception which was a big hit!!  For each shot you had to pose a certain way and it was absolutely hilarious!!  These are of me, my siblings and mom!

 Overall it was a such a fund day and I'm so happy for Bryan and Kimbra!

This girls got to play with their cousins and my moms dog Sunny!

I felt so out of touch with everything while I was gone, but it felt so good to just relax and not have any worries or obligations and Jared did great shipping some orders out for me.  

It's good to be home and I've got some customer quilts to work on and OH YA...those Urban Nine Patch quilts to finish up!

 I'm also excited to talk about quilt design options for the Urban Nine Patch Quilts later on this should be fun!


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