Just finished!

Isn't it neat seeing the one not quilted, next to the one quilted.  Such a big change!  

Annette did an amazing job hand piecing the entire quilt.  I almost felt a little guilty stitching a million machine stitches into the quilt.  Annette had told me that she's hand quilted all of her quilts, but her eye sight would not allow her to anymore and that is why she had me machine quilt it.  I'm sure it was hard for her to make that choice, but now it is all finished and will be loved for many years to come!

I wanted to share something about the green fabric.  It looked like a green muslin fabric.  Is that what they use to use, was muslin and then dyed it?  

I used double batting.  Hobbs on top and warm and white on bottom.  I was going to just do Hobbs....but the green and natural muslin was pretty thin and you could almost see through it...so the double batting really made the colors of the fabrics stand out and look more solid.

I did very little marking.  Mainly just used the guides on my rulers for all the straight lines and a curved ruler for the wavy vine.

Like I said before I will be quilting up the second one differently, but need to take a breather and will probably start it the week after next.  

It was a joy quilting this up for Annette and I hope she is happy with it!  It's not hand quilted but at least it is quilted and I hope I gave it that traditional feel and look it deserves!

April 20, 2012 by Jenny

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