Almost got Hexi #1 done

Almost got it done.....back hurts and I'm exhausted!

I did get the binding all ready, so in the morning I can finish it up.  I just so happen to have a Kona Solid (not sure the color it is)...anyway it matches the green perfectly and that's what I'm using for the binding.

...and I had planned on doing the 2nd Hexi the same way....but now I'm thinking I might do something different...that way it's more exciting for me,  It's know when you envision something and it's exciting to see it come to life.  Well I've all ready seen this one come to life...and I want the 2nd Hexi to have it's own look too.....I swear I treat quilts as if they have personalities...I've really got to go to bed, long day, and I'm loosing it right now ;-)



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