1 of 20 for Spring Market 2013

Remember when you were in High School and you just had to buy those brand name pants...because it was the cool thing to wear, or what about the white cowboy boots and of course there were those cool Polo shirts!  Well....that's what I felt like when I bought the FMF by Denise Schmidt!  It's true, I admit, because everyone else was buying it I just had to get some myself!  

I have a design all ready in mind for this fabric and seeing how tomorrow is my Birthday, I may just play around a bit and do up a couple of blocks.  Good excuse anyway!

...so I've had an ultimate goal for myself ever since I went to Quilt Market last Spring in Salt Lake City and that is to go myself someday and have my own booth.  

Well....lucky me, Quilt Market for next Spring is in Portland.  HELLO!  I live just North of Seattle!  This is a possibility and I'm scared to death...but If all go's as plan I will have 20 patterns to go with my ruler, hence...."1 of 20 for Spring Market".  I all ready have 8 patterns released, 4 tops done up and 8 more to go.

Question for you all, if you don't mind.  Do I release a pattern one at a time from here on out till next spring. (I have two I'm going to release for sure)  OR do I wait till next Spring to release and introduce them?

 Would love to know what you think!




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