Saturday Fun!

Today, Brittany, my oldest daughter and I went to the local Quilt Show in Monroe.  We had a great time together and got into a little trouble...just a little!

It all started with Brittany wanting a stack of pink fat quarters.  She didn't want to pay them, so I DID!  Someday it they will turn into a quilt for her...and we couldn't leave Brooke out so we got some for her too.

And as I was walking out I thought I'd just peek at what the Quilting Loft had.  Ya...really, it's never just a peek now is it!!

And I've been meaning to go to this little shop in Monroe called LA Fashion....not for fabric, but for some bling....bling...pants!

I've wanted some of these for a very long time and they're a great price at this cute little shop!  We then went to McDonald's to get our Fish Meal's with a soda! 

It was great fun!


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