"Echo" Design Challenge!

...so for some reason "Echo" is giving me some design challenges!  I cut all these out for samples at "Sew Expo" a couple of weeks ago.

These ovals are cut and pieced to size for my Urban Abacus quilt.  I wanted to have a sample of some blocks that coincided with one of my patterns.   I do think these would look fantastic in the Urban Abacus pattern, but really challenged my self to take them and make a different design out of them.

I'll just say this!  I ended up going to the fabric store and buying 1/4 yards of each of my favorite prints again!  I decided I needed to start all over with some un-cut fabric and come up with a different design, using the "Echo" fabric, that was my original intention when I bought it the first time around.

...and this is what I came up with:

I've gone back and forth about a couple of things on this block, but I think I've decided to keep it the way it is and for some odd reason my square in square blocks are a bit crooked??

I think my "Echo" design challenge is solved now and for the ovals...well, my Sister-n-law is due to have a baby boy soon and those would be great for a baby boy quilt.


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