Urban Nine Patch QAL ~ Week #5

I managed to get one of my solid "Urban Nine Patch's" done and finished up an "Urban Deco" block too.  

Can I just say again how much I LOVE aqua!  This is a red/aqua combination and I love it!

I'm keeping up with the solids....5 done up and 7 more to go.  It's going to be a very colorful quilt when I'm finished.

...now for my "Urban Deco" block ~

This time the gray surrounding border went together perfectly!  My seams went together beautifully!

...although my blocks didn't go together quite as beautiful ~

...so this was my very first print Urban Nine Patch block and the block still needed some tweaking....before putting out the tutorial....I always new I would still use it in my "print blocks" quilt and I'll tell you why...

I love history and I love dreaming of the history behind antiques...especially antique quilts!  This block means a lot to me...for many reasons and every time I look at this quilt, I'll be reminded of this block and that's what I love about quilts...the story that go's with the quilt!!

...and since I'm only doing up 9 of these blocks...I'm pretty sure I'll be able to finish in 7 more weeks.

Now... I know many have bought the "Quick Curve Ruler" because of these blocks and I'm looking forward to more blocks done up...along with the ones that are all ready done up!  Be sure to check them out on the Urban Nine Patch Flikr Group!  It's so exciting to see how they are all coming along!

...and again if you don't have a Flikr Account, you can e-mail me a pic of your progress and I can add it to the group for you.


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