After quilting all day...I couldn't help my self...and played a little bit before going to bed last night.

I had this great idea, while at the grocery store and thought...of a fantastic block....(in my head that is)!

Easter egg?  Not what I envisioned in my head!
And I really wanted to help Judi out with her Urban Deco block...and was trying to make the side blocks seamless for her...cause it's all about the quilting for the most amazing traditional and modern longarm quilter out there...(in my opinion)!!

Cat eye?  Well...that's what it looks like to me....still working on the block...maybe I'll use different colors next time.

So..I did up a Cat Eye block and an Easter Egg block last night!  It was such a successful night....full of inspiration ;o)

March 06, 2012 by Jenny

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