Sew Expo!
A few things I learned over the last few days!
...remember to eat breakfast
...make sure to wear deodorant
...wear comfortable shoes
...pull long bangs back
...wear a watch
...remember to smile
...groom finger nails
...take water
...take mints
...keep it simple
...take granola bar
...hold bladder
...dry mouth
...remember to smile
...Urban Birthday quilt looks like wine glasses
...hold bladder
...dry mouth
...cut fabric~stash cut fabric~cut fabric~stash cut fabric
...remember to smile
...hold bladder
...remember to bring rotary cutter
...remember to smile
...believe in your self I've got some piecing to do!

I had a great experience.  Each day that went by got a little easier.  The first day was the hardest.   I was trying to do to much...with a headache.  Yesterday and today I kept it more simple, smiled and it went much better!  

The ladies at Quilt Works Northwest were so nice to work with and always asked me if I needed anything.    

I also met a few ladies person to person that I've met through blogging, a few that already had my ruler and read my blog.  That by far was my FAVORITE part!!  

Thanks again for your encouraging words and support!

Oh..and Jared took Brittany to the Dentist and they took X-rays for root damage and tested her nerve and she is going to be fine!!  Jared thought it would be funny to call me while I was at Sew Expo and tell me that Brittany's tooth is going to fall out!!  Not funny at all!!


March 03, 2012 by Jenny

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