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A week of longarm quilting! I seriously need to get some major longarm quilting done this week...

If you didn't all ready know...I'm a longarm quilter and since I started my "Sew Kind of Wonderful" longarm quilting business "Jenny' Doodling Needle" has been getting behind.  My customers have been so patient and understanding!

I keep all quilts in an assembly as they come in they get put on the back of the curtain rod.

I try not to have more than what fits on the curtain rod...but I'm now starting to line them up on the ground.

My husband has left for a week on business and I'm going to give a week of 100% to longarm quilting!!  It's much needed and I'm looking forward to quilting some beautiful quilts. even though I may not be around on this blog for a bit, I'll be posting...many customer quilts on my other blog

 I will definitely be making time to do my Urban Nine Patch blocks though! 

I may even treat my self to quilting one of my own quilts...if I get a lot done!  

Wish me luck!!  


March 05, 2012 by Jenny
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