I wanted to say THANKS SO MUCH for taking a minute and giving me some great advise and encouragement!  You have no idea how much it means to me!  I now have and idea and know exactly what direction I want to go with my demo and what I need to do tomorrow to get ready for it. 

Loved the great thoughts and ideas!!!

I really hope to meet all of you some day and give you a big hug!!  If it wasn't for your kindness and encouraging comments I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing.  I feel so much a part of a little quilting community on line and have met some amazing people and I just wanted to share that with you...okay...getting a little serious..

...and I've got some good news.  I heard back from Lori this last week, she was testing my Urban Pods quilt.  She finished and I made some changes on the pattern and it's going to be ready here soon!  

If you've watched my You Tube video's, Urban Pods is the quilt that's hanging up behind me.

I still have this hanging up in my family room because my family room's colors are these right now.  It's my husbands favorite and I'm excited to finally have a pattern out for it!

.... and I'm posting the Tutorial for the "Urban Deco" block tomorrow (Urban Nine Patch and "More" block).  Karen..thought of that name for me and I liked it, thanks Karen

And I want to let you all know how it go's for me on Thursday, if you don't mind.... I'll be sharing that with you too ;-)

February 28, 2012 by Jenny

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