okay...I'm going to admit something about myself and that is I'm a "Wing It" person!  I'm actually quite good at it too...that is if I know what I'm doing.  

...so remember when I mentioned my ruler and pattern being at Sew Expo...well, when I dropped off the rulers and patterns last week for them to take to Expo, I threw out the idea of me possibly demoing my ruler and patterns.  Long story short they are giving my a few hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday to demo it!  Okay...that's just 3 days away and I'm not comfortable with the "wing it" concept this time!

I have some ideas...I've got a couple of quilts I've been waiting to cut into, so I have some fabric to cut and there will be a sewing machine there for me to use and well...that's about it.  

and this is where I really need some advise


Have you seen a demo and what did you like or dislike about it?


How long should a demo last?



February 27, 2012 by Jenny

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