Last night I cut my fabric out for my Urban Nine Patches so I could wake up this morning first thing and assemble them, it is Friday after all ;o)...

I'm loving how my Solids one is going together,  but I'm not falling in love with how the print blocks have been coming when I awoke this morning I had an idea....

This turned out to be something entirely different than my idea! 

 This is what I did: I made another Urban Nine Patch block, but than added "More"...I cut and sewed and cut and sewed and picked out and turned and rearranged and measured and measured again and although it turned out looking so was quite a process to get this point.

...but I love it and I'm going to add the "More" to each of my print blocks!  

..and I sadly did not get my solid block done up....I got a little carried away with the "More" one.

..and remember it's never to late to join in on the Urban Nine Patch QAL.

The tutorial is found here.

And the ruler can be purchased here.

And if you have some amazing blocks done up and want to share them with us all, then you can do that here.

And if you like what I did to this block and would like a tutorial for the "More" block, I would be happy to do that....just comment and let me know.

February 24, 2012 by Jenny

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