In Love!

Do you ever come across a fabric that you absolutely fall in love with?  Well...I did the other day!  While on my outings to a few quilt shops I picked up some goodies...but this by far was my favorite!!  It's Wrenly by Valorie Wells.  It's just so simple but contemporary and even though it's an upholstery fabric doesn't mean I can't use it in a quilt, right?

Found these too!  LOVE...LOVE...

...and I've had these Pat Bravo's for a while I purchased from Fabric Envy...and plan on cutting into them for a new quilt this week.  A design I've wanted to do for a long time!  Then once I finish this quilt and the Urban Nine Patch quilt I'll be ready for another photo shoot by my most awesome photographer friend Andrea (after I quilt them of course...all 6 of them)!


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